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The Opportunity for Small Businesses and Professional/Medical Corporations with growing Retained Earnings


Business owners who need Life Insurance to…

Capitalize on the Capital Dividend Account (CDA) to receive potentially tax-free dividends

Fund a buy-sell agreement between partners of the company

Cover the loss of a key employee such as an individual with a special skill

Secure a loan that will only be granted if there is life insurance on the business owner

Fund a capital gains liability that results from the distribution of a shareholder’s interest in the company to his/her designated beneficiaries

Using Whole Life or Universal Life, once a sizeable Cash Value has accumulated, a third party line of credit may be established to…

Access a source of cash for income or emergencies

Provide a source of tax advantaged supplemental retirement income for key employees and owners

Seek out new business opportunities

Expand their businesses or pay for other operational expenses